• Mr. Angel Meza

    Morning Daycare Supervisor

    As he has for the past four years, Angel Meza arrives at school every morning at 7:00 am to welcome students to morning daycare. He cheerfully begins their day and cares for them until classes start at 8:30 am.

    A hard-working addition to our staff, Mr. Meza can also be found in the office answering phones, cleaning, translating for Spanish speakers, and is always at our fund-raising rummage sales.

    Mr. Meza has two children currently enrolled at Good Shepherd and one who graduated a few years ago. He loves spending time with his wife and children, has been married to Teresa for 19 years, and enjoys volunteering.

  • Ms. Jessica Ramirez

    Classroom Aide/Afternoon Daycare Supervisor

    Ms. Jessica has worked with children since 2006. Before arriving at Good Shepherd she worked as a Youth Leader for PUSD, an after-school assistant director for a private school in Hollywood, and as a one-on-one aide for children with autism. She is currently in school working on her degree in Child Development and certification as an American Sign Language Interpreter.

  • Mrs. Judylynn Pelling

    Teacher's Aide

    Mrs. Judylynn Pelling has a life-time credential in elementary education (K – 8th grade) and has taught in both private and public schools. She also has a masters degree in theatre arts. Mrs. Pelling’s students enjoy reading interesting stories with a phonics base, as well as spelling and story writing. Math is hands-on, as are science and social studies. Physical education, music, art and Christian studies round out a full curriculum.